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Steve: Papa and Daddy have to go away for a little while, but Aunt Tasha and Uncle Bucky are going to take good care of you.

Ava: Are you coming back for me?

Steve: (pause) Yeah. Of course… You’re our little girl.

Recent events force Steve and Tony to go on a deadly mission, forcing them to leave their young daughter behind. Tony sadly watches on as Steve tries to convince their daughter, and himself, that they’ll come back to her.

(Gif sources: child actors , hongcha8129, and  keepcalmandcallnico)

Now, most nights Tony spends sitting on the edge of the bed, wondering how to apologize. 

And now, most nights Steve spends watching Tony sleep, wondering how to reach out, kiss him softly, and admit that he forgives him. [x]


We are with you, Tony

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